Star Wars Battlefront 2: 10 New Details, Secrets & Speculations You Need To Know

10A Full Story Campaign With One Hell Of An Original Hook

Leaking out ahead of Star Wars Celebration, EA itself accidentally showed the first trailer for Star Wars Battlefront II. Thanks to that trailer new details, secrets and speculations of the game have emerged.

Opening the trailer we get a look at an all-new character who appears to be working for the Empire, judging by their attire. The scene is most likely set on Endor, perhaps as our posse of three are still stationed/abandoned following that planet’s iconic battle.

From there, they actually see the destruction of the second Death Star, leading into some fantastically unexplored territory as we’ve never got much insight into how the Imperial mindset functioned, post the death of The Emperor. Indeed, later in the trailer we get a shot of Starkiller Base (more on that later) as a fleet of TIE Fighters take off and an older woman shouts, “We must avenge our Emperor!”, nigh-on confirming that we’re going to be playing as the ‘bad guys’ for at least a good chunk of time.

It’s entirely possible this story will all take place in between Episode VI and VII, delving into the various thoughts that Imperial foot soldiers had post-Return of the Jedi, leading up to the formation of the First Order, and seeing our protagonist age in the process.

As pure speculation, our main anti-hero looks like a younger Elizabeth Marvel from House of Cards, meaning that if the campaign does span those 30 years, her age in real life would match where the character ends up pre or during The Force Awakens.

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