Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, the upcoming alternate versions to last year’s installments. While brief, the video showcases some of the differences that await players in this version of the Alola region.

Among the changes highlighted in the trailer are the games’ avatars, who sport a new look for these installments. The video also gives players a closer look at Dusk Form Lycanroc, the recently revealed new form of the wolf Pokemon. It reiterates that only special Rockruff will be able to evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc; everyone who picks up a copy of the game before January 10 will receive one such Rockruff as a free DLC gift.

Most interesting, however, are the changes that have been made to the region itself. The map of Alola looks a bit different than it did in Sun and Moon; the game’s official website says “ominous clouds are spreading in the sky” above the region and players will encounter “new buildings and landscapes” that weren’t around in its previous incarnation.

The trailer also teases that “new secrets of the Alola region will be revealed,” which will presumably relate to the Ultra Beast Necrozma. The mysterious Pokemon will play a much more prominent role in these installments, and some secrets about the monster that were “undisclosed in the previous games” will be revealed in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

While it wasn’t touched on in the trailer, the games’ website reveals that Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon will feature new Z-Moves as well. According to the site, players will acquire a Z-Power Ring that allows them to unleash “even more varieties of Z-Moves” than they could in Sun/Moon. The Pokemon Company revealed one of the new attacks at the 2017 Pokemon World Championships: Clangorous Soulblaze, an exclusive Z-Move for Kommo-o. This powerful attack deals damage to both opponent Pokemon in Double Battles and increases each of Kommo-o’s stats.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon release for 3DS on November 17.