Pokemon Go players in all regions have a new Legendary to catch over the next month, with two more to come after that. Three Pokemon from the Johto region are now available, each in a specific part of the world for a limited time.

The Electric-type Raikou is now available in the Americas, the Fire-type Entei is in Europe and Africa, and the Water-type Suicune is in the Asia-Pacific region. They’ll remain here until September 30, giving you a full month to ensure you get your hands on one. On that day, the three will rotate to a different region, and then again on October 31, giving everyone a chance to catch each of the three over the next three months.

All three will be available, like past ones, through special Raid Battles at Gyms. They won’t be available through the newly renamed Exclusive Raids we’ve heard about previously, which are now called EX Raids and go into testing soon.

The appearance of these Pokemon picks up as soon as the last batch of Legendaries made their way out. If developer Niantic’s approach to those is repeated, you can expect to see another opportunity to catch all of these Legendaries at the same time at some point after November. But if you’re intent on getting them, you probably shouldn’t wait.

Pokemon Go’s latest update launched just ahead of today’s announcement. It involved several Raid-related changes and fixes, including the resolution of a bug that caused Legendaries to always break out of your final Premier Ball. Additionally, you can now see the number of players who are preparing for a Raid before spending a Raid Pass.

The selection of Legendaries from Johto is appropriate, given the games that region came from, Pokemon Gold and Silver, are re-releasing on the 3DS quite soon.