Ahead of its release next month, Nintendo has shared a new trailer for Metroid: Samus Returns, the first new Metroid game in seven years. Despite being a remake of the series’ lone Game Boy installment, Metroid II, Samus Returns introduces a number of new elements to the adventure, many of which were showcased in today’s trailer.

In addition to the game’s new melee counter, the biggest additions to Samus Returns are the Aeion abilities, four unique powers fueled by a special energy bar. One of the first Aeion abilities we got to see was the Scan Pulse. This power lets players scan their surroundings, revealing destructible blocks and hidden paths.

The remaining three Aeion abilities were shown off in today’s trailer. The Beam Burst ability greatly enhances the power and firing rate of Samus’s arm cannon. Lightning Armor is more defensive, making Samus temporarily invulnerable to attacks and allowing her to pass through hazards. The final ability, Phase Drift, allows Samus to slow down time around her.

The trailer also gives fans a look at some of the power-ups Samus will acquire during the course of the game. Along with the Morph Ball, players will obtain the usual array of staple Metroid weapons, including the Ice Beam, Space Jump, Spider Ball, and Grapple Beam. The latter appears to have a new function this time around; in addition to allowing Samus to swing across chasms, the bounty hunter can be seen using it to pull and destroy a block at one point in the trailer.

Metroid: Samus Returns launches for 3DS on September 15.