With August drawing to a close, it’s nearly time for the next batch of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers to arrive. Sony today announced what titles will be offered in North America next month, and it includes another six spread across PS4, PS3, and Vita.

On PS4, Plus members get Strike Vector EX and Infamous: Second Son. The former is a first-person air combat game, while Second Son is the third game in the Infamous series, and the first released on PS4. It stars a new character and isn’t to be confused with its spin-off, First Light, which was free through Plus back in January 2015. Additionally, from September 5 through November 7, PSVR owners will get Rigs for free.

Both of Vita’s games, Hue and Sky Force Anniversary support PS4 Cross-Buy, getting players on that platform a total of five games in September. PS3 gets three games: Monster Jam Battlegrounds and Hustle Kings, as well as Sky Force Anniversary (which also features PS3 Cross-Buy).

As an added bonus on PS4, Plus members will be able to play Dead by Daylight for free from September 15-18. It will also be on sale for 30% from then until September 22. A free Neverwinter Plus pack will be available from September 16 through October 16.

Notably, this is the first month in a while that the PS Plus list for Europe differs from the one for North America.

The new batch of freebies arrives next Tuesday, September 5. August’s free PS Plus games remain available until then; if you haven’t already, you can still claim them. There are some really fun games included, such as Just Cause 3 and Downwell.

September 2017 Free PlayStation Plus Games (NA)


  • Hue
  • Infamous: Second Son
  • Sky Force Anniversary
  • Strike Vector Ex


  • Hustle Kings
  • Monster Jam Battlegrounds
  • Sky Force Anniversary


  • Hue
  • Sky Force Anniversary