Fortnite has passed a significant milestone – announcing that the base-building survival game has surpassed 7 million players.

Revealed on Twitter, the 7 million total is an overall figure, combining the total players for the base Fortnite experience, as well as anyone playing the game’s separately-downloadable, free-to-play Battle Royale mode. This mode in particular is getting some love as part of the celebrations, with Duos and Supply Drops going live across the Battle Royale version on both consoles and PC.

Duos are fairly self-explanatory, giving players the option to drop into battle alongside a friend. Supply Drops will appear in random locations and provide a juicy bundle o’ loot to intrepid players – as well as a potential deathtrap as other players scramble for the prize.

Publisher Epic Games has courted controversy with the addition of the Battle Royale feature; having previously worked with Bluehole, whose PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds uses Epic’s Unreal Engine, Epic has been accused of creating a “carbon copy” of PUBG, leading to Bluehole considering taking action.