Final Fantasy XV

Delivery of the famous Final Fantasy JRPG saga of Square Enix, which marks the debut of the Japanese company series on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. The universe of Final Fantasy XV is based on the fable Nova Crystallis that also inspired Final Fantasy XIII, but in this case has a strong orientation towards the genre of action as demonstrated in its time the playable demonstration of Episode Duscae.

With a great open world, the presence of vehicles and a revamped combat system, Final Fantasy 15 is not just a Japanese role-playing game to use, but proposes a series of modifications that turn up this style of production without , However, losing the essence of the brand with its characteristic artistic direction and the return of Chocobos, among many other things. The intention of Hajime Tabata, the creative director, is to achieve the reconciliation of the fans with the franchise after a story arc starring Lightning who, throughout several installments in the previous machine cycle, has left a lime and One of sand. For this it counts with numerous playable arguments and also with the use of the Luminous Engine to leave us open-mouthed with its graphic section.

Platform: Playstation 4 | Xbox One
Developer: Square Enix
Distributor: Koch Media
Gender: Role | Action RPG (Fantasy)
Release Date: Nov 29, 2016


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