Escape From Tarkov

Players can choose to play as 1 of 3 factions available in the game, with the ultimate goal of gathering and extracting loot littered around the fictional city of Tarkov. It aims to include a realistic ballistics model, with gravity and materials that affect how a bullet will travel. The open-world aspect is limited to individual areas, although players can organize raids across multiple maps. There is no HUD in-game, and players are forced to rely on visually inspecting a magazine for bullets or utilizing the inventory system, for example.

The game aims to have extensive weapon customization, whereby an entire weapon can be stripped and modified to the player’s liking.

A skill tree is included, which grants the player various perks and skills.

Platform: PC
Developer: Battlestate Games
Distributor: Battlestate Games
Gender: FPS
Release Date: 2017

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