Deep Down

Deep Down is a single-player or (up to four player) co-op multiplayer dungeon crawl. Gameplay has been described as similar to both Capcom’s own Dragon’s Dogma; as well as the Dark Souls series, though with a lesser difficulty. The historical sections of the game take place in a medieval/fantasy setting in proceedurally generated dungeons, with the player equipped with suits of armor, swords, pikes, shields etc. Creatures encountered are from the fantasy trope, including ogres, shapeshifters similar to mimics (D&D), and dragons.

The player perspective for Deep Down begins in New York City in the year 2094. The story focuses on a member of a group known as the “Ravens” who has the ability to recover historical memories by touching ancient objects – this ‘Raven’ is brought into contact into excavated objects from a mysterious civilization in Bohemia (Czech Republic) dating from the 15th century – they are asked to use their abilities to explore the city and discover its secrets.

Platform: PS4
Developer: Capcom Online Games
Distributor: Capcom
Gender: Action | Role-Playing
Release Date: TBA

Coming Soon