15 Video Game Adaptations That Totally Missed The Point

14Need For Speed (2014)

The Need for Speed movie, based on the Need for Speed game franchise, seemed like a feeble attempt to cash-in on some of the Fast and Furious fandom. The movie was only truly connected to the game by the name, as any racing movie could have had the exact same plot. It was as if the studio saw a video game adaptation as an opportunity to make a racing film and a two hour commercial for the Ford Mustang at the same time.

Aaron Paul’s character (AKA Jesse Pinkman) was always going to succeed and clear his name, and there were few truly tense moments in the whole movie. On top of that, there was an extreme amount of suspension of disbelief needed to truly enjoy the movie, which is difficult for the gear-head fans of the Need for Speed game. The whole movie was based around fast cars and a loose plot, and would make no one go out and buy the game after they had seen it.

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