15 Video Game Adaptations That Totally Missed The Point

15Doom (2005)

The 2005 film Doom, starring Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban was a movie that tried to stay true to the game it was based on, possibly to a fault. While the plot of the Doom game is decent, it certainly isn’t worthy of a feature length film. The writers of the movie changed some general plot themes, but many critics felt as though watching it was like watching someone try to play a video game.

Most of the problem with the film was the fact that, while it may have seemed like a first-person shooter movie, it did not seem like a Doom movie. There was more of a militarized feel to the film, and the demons were relegated to genetic experiments gone wrong. The creators tried to make a horror/action film, which isn’t really what Doom the game is. While there are certainly odes to the game in the film, it loses much of what makes Doom, Doom by trivializing the fantasy aspect of the game.

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