15 Best First-Person Shooters Of The Decade (So Far)

    15Destiny – Bungie

    Bungie’s first venture into a property other than Halo, and it’s safe to say that yes, Destiny was financially successful, but for a lot hyped fans, it didn’t initially live up to the expectations.

    Destiny very much has shades of Halo’s gunplay that does keep you engaged for quite some time (and much more when your friends join along for the ride), but what is gunplay without a good reason behind pulling the trigger? The reasons they give are very minimal in regards to story, unless you get the DLC, which is another issue entirely.

    For what it’s worth, and to Bungie’s credit, it’s widely known now that the DLCs are jam-packed and have improved Destiny greatly: adding a story, adding personality, adding new items, continuing the fan-favourite raids, fixing the levelling systems, updating how the loot works – to be honest, at this point it might as well be a whole new game.

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