12 Biggest Missed Opportunities In Gaming History

    11Pokémon GO

    Sometimes the stars align just to collide and create a black hole, as not only did we have No Man’s Sky being a colossal misfire, but Pokémon GO went from being a bonafide social phenomenon, to losing millions of followers in the following months after launch.

    And why? Because Niantic removed the game’s tracking feature – the literal core component that let you catch Pokémon in the wild. It was down to a number of third-party sites hacking PoGo’s guts to create real-time maps of where all the creatures were, which the developers just didn’t think was very sporting.

    Niantic would take months to implement anything of a workaround, all the while we suffered server outages and bad connections across the board. It didn’t stop millions enjoying what Pokémon GO was SUPPOSED to be (because when it did work, it was outstanding), but the app’s rise and fall took place across a total of around six weeks.

    It hurts to see potential that phenomenal go to waste.

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