12 Biggest Missed Opportunities In Gaming History

    12No Man’s Sky

    The world’s first ‘open-galaxy’ game, No Man’s Sky would – thanks to endless computational algorithms and formulas – generate around 18 quintillion planets, all unique, all bursting with specific lifeforms, sights to see, caves to plunder and mysteries to unravel.

    We’d be able to meet up and see each other, though it would be a rarity, and occasionally we might even partake in a space dogfight or two, pillaging the rewards for ourselves as we work towards building a better ship, a better suit and a better chance at survival.

    At launch, none of these things came true. It was revealed through data-mining that the code necessary for players to meet didn’t exist, you saw the same ‘types’ of creatures within a few hours of one another, what was at the centre of the universe was a giant reset button – it just went on and on.

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