10 Video Game Villains Who Were Right All Along

    10Revolver Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid Series)

    Compadré and friendly rival to Big Boss he may have been, Ocelot was also one of Solid Snake’s arch nemeses. The gun-slinging torturer had more than his fair share of blood on his hands, and helping Liquid threaten the world with a walking nuclear tank just doesn’t look that good on paper.

    Ocelot was, however, a triple agent, who spent his entire career playing sides against one another in an effort to get his hands on firstly, The Philosopher’s Legacy, and then access to the Patriots – the AI controlling and maintaining the global war economy.

    He takes this commitment to freeing mankind to a whole other level where, after losing his arm in MGS1, he returns in MGS2 with Liquid’s arm grafted on.

    Through a combination of hypnosis and MGS-magic, he allows Liquid’s personality to take hold of him, convincing the Patriots that he will use the AI to further spread war and terror – when in reality he keeps a small part of himself in the subconscious so that he can bring down the AI and return control of mankind’s fate to the people themselves.

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