10 Most Heartbreaking Video Game Moments Of The Decade (So Far)

    10Legion’s Sacrifice In Mass Effect 3

    For as derided as Mass Effect 3’s story was, the game was still home to some of the most powerful moments in the entire trilogy.

    But by far the most effective one came after you defeated a Reaper late in the title, as lifelong enemies the Quarians and the A.I. Geth were about to wage war in the skies above you.

    Commander Shepard’s Geth companion Legion informs him that using the Reaper’s code would allow him to give the rest of his kind the same intelligence he has, which would hopefully stop the fighting.

    His idea works, but Legion has to sacrifice himself in order to complete the process.

    It all happens so fast, and there’s only time for a brief goodbye, but it’s the suddenness of the character’s death that makes the scene so devastating.

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