10 Most Gratuitously OTT Torture Scenes In Video Games

    10Splinter Cell: Conviction’s Bathroom Interrogation

    In the run up to the release of Splinter Cell: Conviction, one scene in particular kept making the rounds. Focusing on protagonist Sam Fisher cornering a goon in a Trainspotting-style bathroom, the scene showed the multiple brutal ways that players could interrogate him for information.

    With the environment at your disposal, Conviction put an emphasis on torturing the thug by slamming him into the sinks, urinals, and just generally throwing him around the small environment until he was a broken mess.

    While gory, the focus on the scene was very much a way of Ubisoft establishing that this wasn’t the same old Sam Fisher fans were used to. Instead, this was a guy who wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and was more than happy to beat the living daylights out of bad guys like he was Batman or something.

    This torture/interrogation mechanic actually appeared a few times throughout the title, and it just got more violent every time it showed up.

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