10 Best Zombie Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

    10Resident Evil 6 (Leon’s Campaign)

    For as trash as Resident Evil 6 was on the whole, Leon Kennedy’s campaign was actually a rather strong entry into the series.

    Focusing more on the survival horror action pioneered by the fourth and fifth games, Leon’s side of the story retained a lot of the elements that made the franchise so memorable in the first place.

    Also, it was the first time in years that Resident Evil had returned to its zombie roots. Making Leon face off against hordes of infected humans after an outbreak threatened the population worldwide, the plot itself was classic Resident Evil through and through.

    The rest of the game sadly threw away all of the ideas brought up in this campaign, but for as short as it is, Leon’s side of RE 6 still offers a hugely underrated experience for zombie fans.

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